Standalone Fiction

Since the night his wife was killed in a car accident,
novelist Thomas Bradford has dedicated his life to his young daughter, to his
writing, and to Christ. But when Kassandra Moore, a
lovely young woman from California, moves to his Missouri town and begins
attending his church, he is surprised to find himself falling for the new

Life seems to be getting better for the widower.
But who is the stranger who has started following him around in the blue
Corvette? Is it an obsessed fan . . . or something worse? And what does this
person have to do with a missing missionary and Tom’s new girlfriend?

Available for order from your favorite bookstore or you can
purchase it from these online retailers:

  • Amazon
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Kindle
  • NOOK
  • Smashwords.


    Allen Tiernon is a new Christian and wanted to tell his atheist friend about his new faith. Unfortunately, the discussion went tragically wrong and Allen finds himself having to discuss his ultimate failure in a statement to the police. This is a free short story.

  • Smashwords
  • Barnes & Noble (Nook)
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