Lily’s Redemption

  • “Lily’s Redemption has just the right amount of mystery to make the book interesting and enough message to make the book purposeful without being preachy. It was an easy read that is not just for Christians. I can really see this book becoming a movie.”-Marsha Randolph, No Wayz Tired Enterprises
  • ” . . . a warm and inspiring story of love, trust, and forgiveness.”-Melody Ravert, Author of the Nightwolf Series
  • ” . . . intense portions of intrigue and action at such a level of realism the suspension of disbelief is not necessary.”-Timothy Wayne Johnson, Author of Twisted Oak, Eyes of Discernment

Interview Topics

Lily’s Redemption

  • Reason for writing the book.
  • Jeffrey’s struggle with Porn addiction.
  • Jeffrey’s understanding about forgiveness in the modern Church.

Invasion of the Ninja

  • Premarital sex and abstinence.
  • Background of the book.
  • Reason for the rewrite.
  • What does this mean for Klandestine Maneuvers, the original second book in the series?


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