Lance Bull: A friend from our Sunday School class back in St. Louis, with whom I played D&D. Hasn’t updated his site in a few years.

Jason Richardson: Another Christian D&D friend. This is his political blog and it is simply amazing. He is also the artist who designed the cover of my second book.

TW Johnson: A talented author, graphic designer and a black belt in tae kwon do, Tim is a man of many talents. He has done the cover layout for my last three books and I definitely appreciate him!

JL MacDonald: The creator of the Nightcat series, Jen is quite a character in her own right. Warning . . . some of the pics are a bit mature.

Mike and the Ninja: A hilarious comic strip by the talented Brian Rhodes.

7X70 Studios: Andy Borders uses his gift of drawing for the glory of Christ. He also drew the cover for GATEWAY TO THERA.

Indavo: Created by Nathan Bonner, this scifi epic is now complete!

David Louis Kilpatrick: Though not a Christian, he is a very talented writer whose political views pretty much mirror mine.

AP Fuchs: A talented horror author from Canada who is also a Brother in Christ.

M.J. Young: The chaplain of the Christian Gamer’s Guild, Mr. Young is also a talented writer. Check out his “Confessions of a Dungeons & Dragons Addict.”


First Christian Church of Florissant: The church we attend. It’s significantly larger than any other church I’ve ever attended, but our Sunday School class is very close-knit.

Costumers for Christ: These amazing people take their love for comics and use it to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

The Spurgeon Archive: The largest depository of material about the “Prince of Preachers” that exists on the net.

The Pink Cross Foundation: A ministry devoted to helping porn stars to leave the industry and to helping those addicted to pornography. An amazing site filled with all manner of Bible study aides.


GCD Publishing: Some of my favorite authors, a few of which are listed below, gave me the “self-publishing bug.” As a gift to my late father, I am naming my publishing company after him.

Helock Comics: Spear-headed by Jamie Hickson, this indie comic book company is taking Southern Missouri by storm.

Lion’s Share Press: Publisher of superhero fiction, they bring us the Nightcat series, and will continue the “Metahumans vs.” series.


Christian Gamers Guild: Believe it or not, we do exist. And there are many more of us than you think.

Fraternity of Shadows: The unofficial home of Ravenloft on the net. Check out this community of gamers who enjoy that gothic horror setting for D&D.

Into the Void: The Official home of Spelljammer on the net. A community of gamers dedicated to the space setting for D&D.

Adventure Quest: A fun online RPG. Although you can play for free, they only have a limited number of slots for free players and it is becoming increasingly difficult to get on if you don’t pay the fee to become a supporter to the site.

Pathfinder RPG: For those of us older fans who felt that Wizards of the Coast betrayed us with the “4th Edition of D&D,” Paizo has taken the 3.5 rules and tweaked them. This is what Fourth Edition should have been.


Van Buren, MO: The tourism site for the town where I graduated from high school. Van Buren is the town from which I very loosely based Sera.

U.S. Constitution: With liberal activists throwing around all sorts of falsehoods about our laws, do you want to read the law as our forefathers envisioned it? Here, you can find the complete text of the Constitution, along with every amendment.


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