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Interview About the World of Thera

There’s an interview up over at Annie Douglass Lima’s fantasy blog about Thera from Book Three. Be sure to check it out and leave some comments.


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Book Three of the ADVENTURE CHRONICLES is FINALLY released!!!

It took awhile, but Gateway to Thera has finally been released. I had some headaches with the conversion to Smashwords being accepted into the Premium Catalog, but, after removing an unintended highlight from the theme Bible verse, it was finally accepted. So it’ll be released on Kobo, B&N, Apple and the rest within the next week or so. You can already purchase it at the links below.

BOOK THREE is very special to me in that it is the first book in the series that was never released by my prior publisher. The first two books were released (with virtually no editing) by my former “traditional” publisher. But I waited for my contract to be up before I ever considered releasing BOOK THREE. With cover art by the talented Andy Borders, the novel is more than I’d hoped for.

Currently available:


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The Four Questions and My Four Answers

I have been tagged by author Ethan Erway

to answer these 4 questions about my writing. So let’s see where they lead me?

You can always check out what his answers are for these same questions and much much more on his blog at:

What am I working on now?
I just released the third book in my ADVENTURE CHRONICLES series. I’ve also created a new character who will be included in the upcoming Metahumans vs. Robots. I intend to continue writing short fiction about her and I’m working on the fourth novel in my series in order to keep the ending of BOOK THREE from making too many of my fans want to tar and feather me. LOL.

How does my work differ from others in its genre?
I don’t know too many Christian YA books that feature ninja. My biggest rule of thumb is that I don’t let my Christian main characters be weaklings.

Why do I write what I do?
For the most part, I write what I would enjoy reading. It’s that simple.

How does my writing process work?
I have to write something everyday. I try to make sure that I’m working on more than one project, so that I can move around if I get stuck on one.

Now, it’s my turn to introduce you to two more authors who will continue this blog hop next Monday:

Sean Koury-Creator of Bounty Hunter, a metahuman who will be joining me in the upcoming “Metahumans vs.” books. Sean is also a talented voice actor.

TW Johnson-Creator of Metaegus, another metahuman who will be joining us. Tim is also a skilled graphic designer who is responsible for the layout of my book covers.

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What’s Coming Next

While I’m waiting patiently for the final edit of Gateway to Thera to come back from my editor, I thought I’d mention something else I’ve been working on. When A.P. Fuchs announced his retirement a few months ago, the “Metahumans vs.” series found itself in limbo. Jennifer MacDonald, the creator of Nightcat, stepped forward to take over the project. This forced it to be put off a little longer, as her own Nightcat novel was due by May. Inspired, I decided to submit a short story. As the Adventure characters were not really suitable for a superhero story (although I insist that Yoshi could take the Huntress or Catwoman any day of the week), I found myself inventing a new character. She’ll be linked to my Adventure characters in a future book (probably BOOK SIX).

A former member of the Waruiyatsu ninja clan (you’ll recognize them from the Adventure Chronicles), she was trained to someday kill Yoshika Funakoshi. Obviously, she has to be incredibly skilled to do that. However, she had a conscience when they sent her to assassinate the six-year-old daughter of a diplomat and was kicked out of her clan. A nunekin, or clanless ninja, she has become a Christian and has vowed to make ammends for the lives that she took while a member of her former clan. When she stepped into the light, she stopped aging and found herself immune to poison and magic. Now she prowls the streets of St. Louis, MO, as Seigi (Japanese for “Justice”).

I’ve written two stories for the upcoming Metahumans vs. Robots and Metahumans Unleashed. I have three more short stories plotted out and at least one novel. Here’s a pic of the character, drawn by the talented Nathan Bonner and colored by the always gifted TW Johnson.


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Excerpt #5 from GATEWAY TO THERA

Below, find the next excerpt from Book Three of the ADVENTURE CHRONICLES. As before, please understand that this is an unedited excerpt.

Dave climbed to his feet and walked over to Laura’s table as Amy walked over to join Pete, and Jack in their card game.

Sitting down next to his girlfriend, Dave said, “Hey, gorgeous. What’s a good-lookin’ babe like you doin’ in a dump like this?”

She smiled shyly at him. “I’m waiting for a good-lookin’ guy to sweep me off my feet.”

Dave chuckled. “Well, wait no longer, dudette.”

“Why?” laughed the cheerleader. “Are you going to take me to him?”

“Funny,” muttered the big teen as he took her hand in his.

Laura looked him in the eye. “Why are we here, Dave? Haven’t we hurt the Renegade’s enough?”

Dave returned her gaze. “Laura, I love you, but before you came along, I guess that the person who I cared ’bout most wuz Jamie. He and I used t’be like brothers. Before he started learnin’ that ninja-stuff, I used ta take up for’im. I mean,” he added, “we were only kids then, but other kids could be mean.

“But, once he started gettin’ good at that stuff, he didn’t need me ta defend’im, anymore.” He looked down at the table. “S’pose this is the last chance I’m gonna get t’do it.”

The big teen looked her lovingly in the eye. “Don’t worry. When this is all over, we’ll go home and try an’ put things back ta the way they were.”

Laura looked over Dave’s shoulder and her eyes widened. He turned to see Sean Wilson leading nine Renegades into the arcade. “Please don’t fight tonight, Dave,” she pleaded with him. “Just give me this one interlude.”

“Okay,” mumbled Dave as he kissed her on the lips.

“Oooohhh,” squealed Sean as he approached the table, “Traci’d be so jealous.” Then he thought for a moment. “Maybe I should go an’ tell her. Make’er get outta Ben’s room long enough ta come here and gut this rival.”

“Laura’s not a rival, dude,” muttered Dave between clenched teeth. “Traci gave up her chances a long time ago.”

Sean leaned upon his arms over the table. “Up for a little fight?”

“Not t’night,” replied Dave angrily.

Sean looked genuinely shocked. “Wh . . . what?”

“Got a promise t’keep.”

Sean looked at Laura, his smile returning. “Oh, I see. This ball’n’chain here has you whipped.”

Dave glared at the Renegade. Looking back at Lauraa, he found her glaring at the delinquent, as well. “You have my blessing,” she proclaimed to her boyfriend.

Dave smiled and looked back at Sean. “Know somethin’, dude?”

“What’s that?” asked the Renegade.

“Props can be dangerous!” chimed the leader of Adventure as he grasped both of the delinquent’s arms and pulled straight out on them, dropping his face onto the table with a loud THUD!

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Excerpt #4 from GATEWAY TO THERA

Below is the fourth excerpt of the upcoming third book of the ADVENTURE CHRONICLES series. Please remember, this is an unedited excerpt:

The teens had entered the edge of Tarent’s barony at dusk. As Elvara pointed out, there were only three villages in his barony, and only one of those villages stood in their path. The group had decided to stay at an inn here and purchase the rest of the necessary equipment for their journey.

“Careful,” mumbled Jamie as he and his friends climbed from their horses in front of the Wayward Inn. “As that . . . monkey-thing . . . pointed out, Tarent knows that we followed him here and, since this is his realm, we’re outlaws here.”

“Cool!” exclaimed Alexandria. Looking at Max, she chimed, “Just like a good Bonnie and Clyde!”

“Tarent makes the laws here,” explained Elvara. “If he finds us, he will have us put to death.”

“That’s not so cool,” muttered Alex.

The group entered the inn to find that there were ten patrons sitting at three different tables, and two more patrons sitting at the bar. The innkeeper was whistling some strange tune as he cleaned some kind of mugs with a white cloth. Everyone within stared at the adolescents and their two adult friends as they entered the building.

“Friendly people,” whispered Jamie to Yoshi as the group made its way to the bar.

“Considering the law here,” commented the young kunoichi in the same whisper, “I would assume that the people mistrust any strangers.”

The eight each took a seat at the bar. “What’ll it be?” inquired the barkeep, still eyeing them suspiciously.

“Rooms,” answered Deck.

“Two gold a night, per room,” muttered the man. “Baths included, meals an extra gold.”

Elvara paid for eight rooms and meals for each of them. The food was good, a wild boar having been killed by a hunter earlier that day. Jamie, Buster, Max, Alex, and Deck had each drank water, while George, Yoshi, and Elvara each drank ale. After inquiring about the reason Deck had refused ale, the elf was surprised to find out about his ulcer, caused by too much drink when he was learning his trade in Scotland some years before. Apparently bored by the quiet chatter, Max began looking around at the other patrons. Looking to his left, he noticed that one of the customers at the bar was an attractive, young adult woman who was sitting two seats away from him. She had long black hair, and a frame similar to that of Yoshi’s. A short sword hung at her side. But what caught his attention the most was her flute.

“Are you a musician?” he asked her, hoping that she was more friendly than the rest of the patrons.

“Among other things,” she replied with a smile. “I entertain for pay, although nobody seems interested tonight.”

“I am,” stated Alex. Handing her two gold pieces, she said, “Play something.”

The girl smiled and picked her flute up from the bar.

“What’s your name?” asked George.

“Drielle,” replied the entertainer as she brought the flute up to her mouth. “Drielle Nightsinger.” She began to play.

At first, although lovely, none of the group recognized the melody. But, then Max apparently caught some similarity to an earth tune and started singing. Alexandria’s jaw dropped. He sang beautifully. Looking around, she noticed that the rest of her friends seemed just as shocked as she was.

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Excerpt #3 from GATEWAY TO THERA

Below is the third excerpt from Book Three of the ADVENTURE CHRONICLES. As always, please be aware that this is an unedited excerpt:

Yoshi performed a back flip, bringing both feet into the creature’s chin. The creature stumbled backward, but still remained standing. Looking around, Yoshi noticed that her friends had already dispatched all of the creatures that hadn’t fled. They were now watching her battle. “Great, you guys!” she exclaimed as she slammed her right foot into the creature’s knee, causing it to howl in pain, but still not taking it down. “I have enough to worry about without having to perform for an audience!”

The creature attempted a downward stroke, but Yoshi narrowly dodged to her right and avoided the creature’s blade. She started to swing one of her own swords upward, but the creature was too quick and sliced her across the right leg. She gasped in pain and fell to the knee of her left leg.

“Now, you die, human!” exclaimed the creature as it reared back with its sword.

In a last ditch effort to stop the creature from ending her life, Yoshi shoved both of her ninja-tos into its gut. A look of surprise registered upon her opponent’s reptilian face as it dropped its sword, her blades dislodging from it as it fell backward.

Looking down at the creature, she said, “I believe that you were mistaken.”

Jamie rushed to his clan-sister’s side, putting his arm around her and helping her to walk back over to the rest of their friends.

“He was pretty good,” remarked the young kunoichi with a chuckle.

“The best swordsman of the crechaw,” stated the young woman who had been on the altar. “I would say that you are very good!”

Yoshi looked up at her with a smile. “Some have said so.”

“What’s a crechaw?” asked Max.

“A magically altered human,” replied the girl. “They were a creation of Tarent of Skull Keep.”

“Tarent!” boomed Jamie. “He’s the one who has Shawna! Where can we find this Skull Keep?”

“Oh,” stated the girl, “you don’t wish to go there. Tarent is the baron of a small area about two days’ march to the south. He has proclaimed that anyone who enters his tower without permission will be put to death.” She looked around suspiciously at the tattered teens and their adult friend. “Everyone knows about Tarent. What is your story?”

“All I know is that this Tarent-guy has taken a person who is very dear to me,” said Jamie, “and I intend to get her back.”

“I see,” muttered the girl.

“What’s your name?” asked Alex.

“Oh, my word!” exclaimed the girl. “How rude of me.” She composed herself, straightening her robe and the pouches upon her belt. “I am the prophetess, Elvara Winterbreeze, daughter of the weapon smith Darian Winterbreeze.”

“I’m Alexandria Rhee,” said Alex as she shook Elvara’s hand. “And this cutie,” she gestured at her boyfriend, “is Max Adams. These are our friends . . . Jamie Raleigh, Yoshi Funakoshi, Buster Goodman, George Tanner, and . . .”

” . . . Deck Pendragon,” interrupted big man as he took her right hand and kissed it, “at your service.”

Elvara smiled shyly and used her left hand to stroke her blonde hair behind her ear, which the members of Adventure could now see was pointed.

“What is the matter?” she asked, blushing as she noticed them staring.

“Your ear,” stuttered Max. “It’s . . . it’s . . . pointed!”

Her eyes narrowed in confusion as she folded her arms across her chest. “Haven’t you ever seen an elf before?”

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