Sorry for the time between updates.  I’ve been busier than normal, as of late.  On May 20, I tabled at the Salem Comic and Toy Expo.  It was a great time.  Darrell Shaw did a fantastic job putting this together and I am intending to go to the one next year.  I saw some friends I hadn’t seen in a couple of years.  I met some new friends.  And I sold quite a few books.  Surprisingly, I sold more copies of Lily’s Redemption than individual copies of the ADVENTURE CHRONICLES.  I commissioned Nathan Bonner to draw a picture of Dave Isaac.  As he has always been a fan favorite, I’m shocked at myself for never having a pic drawn of him.  Between the various book covers, I’ve had Jamie, Yoshi, Deck, Star, Shawna, Elvara, and Buster drawn.  Now I have a commission of Dave that I just need to scan.

Speaking of book covers, Nathan is working on a new cover for Book One for me.  I’ve always been less than pleased with the cover of Invasion of the Ninja.  While the pic, portraying Yoshi kneeling with her face buried in her hands, is an awesome piece of work by Jason Richardson, it really didn’t fit the feel or theme of the book.  So the new cover will be more in line with what is in the book.

Aside from working on Book Seven (I’m waiting for the final edit of Book Six to come back), I’m doing some editing for a friend.  I never trust myself to edit my own stuff and, in all honesty, no author should.  But I’m finding an enjoyment in editing my friend’s work.  He’s a great writer and it sure helps that the story is good.

This leads me to my next decision:  I’m going to start doing some freelance stuff for other writers.  Nothing fancy, or anything.  Just editing and book layout.  I’m not sure what I’ll charge for these services.  I’ll need to do some more research on it.

I’ll be back to writing the Legacy Blog entries soon.  With everything that’s gone on in my home town of Van Buren, MO, it seemed cheap for me to talk about the “good ole’ days” while knowing that the town was flooded and so many people lost so much.


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