Legacy Blog #27: What’s in a Word?

My Beloved Daughter,

I’m going to leave chronological order again this week.  I was discussing regional versions of different languages with a couple of coworkers today and it reminded me of your Grandma Pat.

As you know, she was a southern woman.  I did tend to get irritated at how she pronounced wash.  She always put the r in it.  She’d pronounce it “warsh,” which your mother and, now, you do.  As I type this, Microsoft Word puts a squiggly red line under that spelling.  Do you know why?  BECAUSE THAT IS NOT THE PROPER SPELLING OR PRONUNCIATION!!!

Grandma Pat had other special ways of saying things.  We would shop at “Walmarts.”  The middle of the week was “Wenjday.”

Your Grandpa Chuck would join in on the fun, too.  When we had spaghetti, we were eating “Eyetalian.”  And the little truck that he wanted me to get was a “Tyeota,” rather than a “Toyota.”

GG also had her unique way of saying things.  For example, I would heat food up in the “Micawave.”

And then I met your mother.  She brought her Americanized version of English words.  To check the oil in the car, I had to pop the bonnet.  To stow the luggage for a trip, I had to pop the boot.  If it was raining, she wanted me to grab the bumbershoot.

She was also funny in that she picked up the accent of anyone she was around.  We’d go visit my parents and she‘d come back to St. Charles sounding like a hillbilly.

So your creative way of speaking comes to you honestly.


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