Legacy Blog #17: Other Fandoms

My Beloved Daughter,

Transformers and Spiderman weren’t the only fandoms in which I got involved in Campbell.  To a lesser extent, I got involved in a few others.  While Transformers were my absolute favorite contemporary toy, I also enjoyed G.I. Joe, He-Man, and Thundercats.

The first G.I. Joe figures that I got were Lifeline and Serpentor, during the third year of the 3.23 inch figure releases.  As time went on, I also got Snake-Eyes (my favorite), Quick Kick, Cross Country (who came with the vehicle known as the H.A.V.O.C.), Jinx, and two versions of Sgt. Slaughter, one of which came with a vehicle (the name of which eludes me) and one of which was a mail order special.  Although I never got as many of them as I had of the Transformers, I’d say they came in a fairly distant second.  I know that I loved playing with the figures while hanging out with other friends who had them.  And, as they said in every episode of the series, “Knowing is half the battle.”

He-Man was originally my cousin, Leon’s, favorite toy.  When I started collecting them, I went for toys that he didn’t have.  Instead of getting the original He-Man, at first, I got “Battle Armor” He-Man, “Thunder-Punch” He-Man (with a backpack that had caps in it that would pop when you made him punch something), and “Flying Fists” He-Man.  I concentrated on getting the second villain team and got all five of the original Horde figures.  I even got the Horde Slime Pit and the Fright Zone.  If I still had them, in good shape, they’d be worth a pretty penny.

The Thundercats were a series that you might recognize.  They had a rebirth not too long ago on Cartoon Network.  But that cartoon changed the whole story.  In the original, the Thundercats’ home world was destroyed and several of them escaped to Earth of the far future, followed by their enemies, the Mutants.  Something happened to the child prince’s stasis pod and he aged during the trip to adulthood.  The prince, Lion-O, had the sword of Omen, which would allow him to see other places (“Sight Beyond Sight).  I owned Lion-O, Panthro (who had an awesome pair of nunchaku), and Cheetara.  I never got Tigra and lost interest before the second wave of toys came out.

I picked up a few toys from other collections, like the Silverhawks and the original series of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  But none of them, or the above, ever came close to matching the sheer number of Transformers that I had.


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