Preview #5 of Book Five of the ADVENTURE CHRONICLES


Jamie felt lightheaded.  His stomach was doing acrobatics in his abdomen and the thought of standing up terrified him at the moment.

What is wrong with me?  He glanced up at Bill, who was talking to a girl who was wearing a Jameston Camels shirt and holding a can of beer.  At least, the young ninja thought that it was beer.  He found that he could not focus on it very well.

The bartender seemed to notice that Jamie was looking at them.  “Can I get you another tea?”

Jamie had lost count of how many glasses that he had imbibed.  “No,” was all he could say.  Did the way that he was feeling now have anything to do with his beverage?

At this point, Maria stumbled into his field of vision, nearly falling over him.  She glanced up at him with a smile that was suddenly replaced with a look of bewildered concern.  “You don’t look so good,” she commented.

“It . . .,” he found speaking extremely difficult, to say the least, “it only matchesh how I f . . . uh, feel.”

Maria straightened up to her full height.  Jamie faintly realized that she must be able to handle liquor very well to be able to do that, considering how much she had drank.  She reached down and grabbed the young ninja’s glass from the bar and sniffed it.  “What’s in here?” she demanded of Bill.

“Long Island Iced Tea,” returned the barkeeper with a chuckle.  “He really needed to loosen up.”

Star’s eyes narrowed dangerously at the man.  “How dare you make that decision!  Don’t you even have the faintest idea what a designated driver is?”

“He didn’t seem to mind all the time he was drinking it,” retorted Bill.

“He’s never drank alcohol before!” raged Maria.  “He couldn’t tell the difference, you idiot!”

“Get over it!” he snapped.  “He looked like he wasn’t having a very good time.  He’ll thank me in the morning!”

Through the fog that was blurring everything in Jamie’s head, the young ninja felt a slight pang of anger.  He had absolutely no willpower to act upon it, though.

Maria was still arguing with Bill.  “He’s not having fun, so you spike his drink and make sure he gets so sick that he can’t talk?  Are you always this stupid?!”

Maria leaned over and helped Jamie to stand.  He had barely any control over his legs, so she wrapped his right arm around her neck and started helping him toward the set of stairs that led to the second floor.  “Heather!” she called and the hostess looked up from where she was dancing in the midst of a group of college men.  “I’m taking my usual room!”

Then Star turned back to Bill.  “As for you, Jamie will not thank you in the morning!  If I were you, I’d be gone by the time he wakes up.”

“What’s he gonna do to me?” he asked, looking at Jamie contemptuously.

“Let’s just say you’re lucky he doesn’t have his ninja sword with him,” she returned.

Bill’s eyes widened.  “Wait!  You mean he’s that ninja friend of yours?!”

Star nodded.  “He’s also religious.  So he’s not gonna be happy that you tricked him into getting drunk.”  Then she turned and the two of them started ascending the stairs.


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