Preview #4 of Book Five of the Adventure Chronicles

Elvara was examining the writing curiously.  “Are these the same symbols as the one that was carved into the desk at your school?” she asked Ben, pointing out the upside-down stars in circles that surrounded the writing.

Ben nodded, not seeming the least bit uncomfortable at being the only Renegade present.  Apparently noting her accent, he asked, “Where are you from, anyway?”

Deck jumped in.  “London.”

“They are Satanic pentagrams,” concluded the elf-maiden.

“Why do you say Satanic?” asked Ben.  “Not all pentagrams are Satanic.”

She nodded.  “True.  Some pagan religions use them in their worship, as well.  It is Satan’s way of deceiving them into worshipping false gods.  But Satanists generally tend to turn the star upside-down, like this.”  Then she went back to studying the graffiti.

Ben leaned toward Jamie and whispered, “Where did you find her?”

“She’s very knowledgeable about religion,” returned Jamie.  “She’s studied it all her life.”

“It sounds as if she’s partial to the Christian faith,” commented Ben as quietly as he could.

“I am,” said Elvara without a hint of emotion, causing Ben to stare at her in shock.  “If one has studied them for as long as I have, then one will inevitably find the Right Path.”

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