Preview #3 of Book Five of the Adventure Chronicles

I present to you the third preview of BUSTER’S LEGACY.  Be sure to share!


Had the parking lot that sat in front of where the warehouse once stood not been deserted, the six foot high, three foot wide, glowing blue rectangle that shimmered into existence there may have frightened someone.  But there had been nobody here since the cleanup after the building had exploded the summer before.

A distortion flowed through the glow, like water rippling after something was dropped in it.  Then, a human head with a scraggly, red beard peered out.  After the eyes examined the area, the mouth opened and declared, “The coast’s clear.”

The rest of the body stepped forward, wearing a traditional Scottish kilt and a white T-shirt that stretched with the rippled muscles of his chest and shoulders, as well as the jolly roundness of his belly.

Next, a blonde haired woman stepped forth, a blue robe covering her from neck to ankle.  Her blue eyes took in the area as she absently moved her hair behind her right ear, which ended in a startling point.

Then another girl, this one a teenager, stepped out.  She wore a gray, button-down shirt and brown leather pants that tied in the front.  She ran her fingers through her brown hair as her blue eyes scanned the area in wide wonder.  As they settled on the street lamps that illuminated the area, she asked the man, “Deck, are those magic?”

The man shook his head.  “Naw.  There’s not much real magic going around on Earth.  That’s run on electricity.”

The blonde girl looked at him in confusion.  “Eeeelectrrr . . . . what did you call it?”

Deck checked his large sword in its scabbard.  “Electricity.  Pretty much everything here works on it.  We use it for light at night, for televisions, radios . . ..”  He trailed off as he looked at his wife.  “Elvara, you’re gonna have t’keep yer ears covered.  There aren’t any elves here.”

She nodded and pulled the hair back over the one that she had just uncovered.  “I am sorry.  I forgot.”

“Where are we?” asked the brunette.  “I mean, in relation to your cottage here?”

“My house is a couple of miles in that direction,” Deck responded, pointing to the south.

“We should try to find the thief immediately,” commented Elvara.

The other girl, Bryanna, replied, “We haven’t slept in over twenty-four hours.  If we don’t get some sleep, we’ll be in no shape to fight him when we do find him.”

Deck nodded his agreement.  “We’ll head to my house and try’n get some rest.”

Elvara sighed, then turned and grabbed the two coins that formed the base corners of the glowing portal.  As she picked them up, the rectangle faded from existence.


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