Review of HOLY HEROES by Scott Bayles

In the past, I’ve mentioned that more than half of my book collection is theology.  I will go through phases where I will sit down and enjoy digging into the works of such great minds as John Calvin, Al Mohler, RC  Sproul, and Charles Spurgeon.  So it might not surprise anyone that I purchased a theological work this past weekend.  What might surprise some people (or not) is that the author signed the copy that I bought while he was dressed as Superman.

Scott Bayles is a fantastic minister of the Gospel.  He is a devoted husband and father.  But a special ministry that he co-created was what caught my eye.  Costumers for Christ travels the Midwest, dressing like  metahumans and teaching our fellow geeks about Jesus.  I first met Scott at the Cape Comic-con in Cape Girardeau, MO, in 2014.  Impressed with their ministry, I’ve kept in touch with some of its founders and was pleasantly surprised when I learned that Scott was releasing a work that bridged two of my favorite subjects.

HOLY HEROES:  The Gospel According to DC and Marvel is his book.  Coming in at 182 pages, the book is filled with his love of both comic books and Jesus.  Each chapter discusses a different costumed crime fighter and uses his or her story to discuss another aspect of the Christian walk.  Some of them, like his comparison to Marvel’s Thor and the Jesus’s Parable of the Prodigal Son, I had expected.  Others, such as Wonder Woman’s chapter on each of us being Ambassadors for Christ (as she is an ambassador for Themyscira) I hadn’t expected, though this is probably because I’m not as familiar with the DC Universe as I am with the Marvel Universe.  He discusses different aspects of “family” through his discussion of the X-Men and the Fantastic Four.  With the Hulk, he deals with anger, both good and bad.  And my favorite super hero?  Well, he likens Peter Parker’s turning a blind eye to the thief who ran by him (and later killed his Uncle Ben) to the story of the Good Samaritan.

Each chapter begins with a pic of a member (or members) of Costumers for Christ dressed as that chapter’s character, along with a discussion of a way in which their ministry has used that costume to share the Gospel or a discussion of the history of the creation of the costume.  The book is a rather light read and would probably interest that young teen with whom you’ve been trying to discuss Christ.

Highly recommended!  Five Stars!


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