Preview #2 of Book Five of the Adventure Chronicles

I present to you the second preview of Buster’s Legacy. Be sure to share!



Jameston high school was dark and empty, save for the science room on the second floor.  Mr. Thomas Merrit, the science teacher, spent more time here than at home.  He was busily labeling chemicals that would be used in the chemistry lab when the students returned from Easter Break in a week.  He enjoyed the silence of the school when the students were all gone.

“Sulfur,” he mumbled to himself as he poured a controlled amount of the smelly, yellow powder into each of the six test tubes with the correct labels.

The sound of glass breaking downstairs shattered his comfortable silence.  “Blasted kids,” he muttered as he walked out into the hallway and headed for the stairs that would lead to the first floor.

When he got to the bottom step, he noticed that the glass to the window that stood next to the southern door of the school was shattered and that the door stood ajar.  There’s something not right about this, he realized.  This isn’t ordinary vandalism.

He ran up the hall to the secretary’s office and opened the door, stepping inside.  Standing in front of the desk, he grabbed the phone and hurriedly dialed the sheriff’s office.

“Police dispatch,” came a woman’s voice from the other end.

“There’s been a break-in at the school,” whispered Thomas.

“Where are you calling fr . . .,” the phone went dead.

The teacher tapped on the receiver latch, but could not get a dial tone.  “What the . . .?”

“We couldn’t let you interrupt our reunion, Tee,” came a voice from the hall.  He whirled around to see two men standing there.  One of them was almost seven feet in height, with a buzz cut and a physique that was dominated by muscles that would win a Mr. Universe competition.  The other, the one who had spoken, was muscular, as well.  He was over six feet in height, with light blonde hair and a scar that ran across his right cheekbone.  His right hand glowed a startling red.  Both men wore clothes that were too small for them.

Thomas heard maniacal laughter coming from under the secretary’s desk and looked back to see another man climbing out from under it.  His head was topped with a dark Mohawk and he held the severed phone line in his fingers, which had been replaced by razor-sharp blades.

A whimper of fear escaped the teacher’s throat as he turned and bolted into the next room, the principal’s office, slamming the door behind him and locking it.  He rested his ear to the door, listening to see if they were going to try to get in.  He realized that the police dispatcher had heard him say that there had been a break-in at the school.  Surely they would send somebody to investigate.  All he had to do was hold out long enough for them to arrive.

“Don’t fight us, Tee,” came a sultry voice from behind him.  He turned his head slowly, terrified of what he would see.  Laying on the desk and turned on her side so that she was facing him with her head perched on her left hand and her elbow propping it up, was the most provocative woman that he had ever seen.  Her flowing, red hair cascaded down her shoulders in torrents of color that could be seen in the moonlight that was streaming in the window.  Her green eyes settled on him and her lips parted into a seductive smile that flashed her perfect, white teeth.  Her button-down blouse was unfastened to a point as to be barely decent.

“Why . . .,” he swallowed, his mouth dry with fear.  “Why do you keep calling me that?”

“Because it’s your name, silly boy,” replied the woman as she climbed from the desk and walked toward him with a seductive sway.

He shook his head, his body trembling in horror . . . or was it desire for this woman?  “My name is Thomas Merrit.  I teach science here at the school.”

She came to stand in front of him and reached up, caressing his cheek with her right hand and sending shivers . . . Fear?  Excitement? . . . down his spine.  “It’s been so long since we were together, Tee.  But, you’ll see.  BM will make you remember again.  Just like he made me remember.  I’m sorry about this, lover.”  Her soft palm left his face and balled into a fist, striking him across the jaw and sending him into blackness.


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