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I have a couple of announcements.  First of all,The Quest for Yoshi, the long-awaited fourth novel in the ADVENTURE CHRONICLES series, is finally available.

“For two months, Shawna’s nightmares have kept her confused and exhausted. Visions of empty graves, cursed amulets, and old friends fill her thoughts at all times, leaving her friends and boyfriend perplexed.

“Jamie, still mourning the loss of his clan-sister, has struggled to come to terms with having left leadership of the Funakoshi clan in the hands of the violent Shakato family.

“So now Shawna’s strange visions are drawing her back to the world of Thera. The last time that they went there, a cursed wizard killed Yoshi. What will happen this time?”

Available in PAPERBACK, as well as KINDLE and NOOK formats and don’t forget SMASHWORDS.

But the most important thing is the announcement of the release of Malicious Mysteries, the dedication to my late mother:

“When Patricia Davis suddenly left this world on August 22, 2015, her death devastated a family who loved her more than the world. On top of everything, she had no life insurance, leaving her three sons to raise the money to pay the very understanding owners of the funeral home who hosted her funeral. When her youngest son, who is an author, discussed the issue with some of his colleagues, they decided to put together an anthology of short stories. And, since Patricia loved crime stories, they selected that as the theme.

“The stories feature Metahumans, CSI agents, and even a story based loosely on historical figures. With stories by Jim Robb, JL MacDonald, Brian K. Morris, Stephanie Welch, Jeffrey Allen Davis, TW Johnson, and Samuel E. Campbell, there’s something in here for everyone.

“All proceeds of each sale go to the Funeral Fund of Patricia Ann Davis.”

The book is currently available only in electronic formats at AMAZON and SMASHWORDS.


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