Presenting the fourth preview of Book Four of THE ADVENTURE CHRONICLES.

Please remember that this is unedited.

The woman’s eyes shot open, her white irises beginning to regain their deep, blue hue.  Her right hand lashed out, knocking the divining bones from the table next to her.  She climbed from the wooden chair, then turned and grabbed it, throwing it with a wail of anger across the room.  The wood shattered as it hit the stone wall.

The door to her laboratory opened and two guards in black chain mail armor rushed in.  “Is everything alright, m’lady?” asked one of them.

The woman composed herself, gently brushing her shoulder-length, dark-red hair from her face.  “I be fine.  Leave me at once.”

The two guards bowed, then left the room.  As the door closed, the woman turned back toward her divining table.  Her rage had missed her spying crystal.  She bent over it and peered inside, praising her dark god as she realized that this was more of an opportunity than she had initially realized.  She was not concerned by the fact that the prophetess’s God had blocked her view of them.

“So, Mother World prophetess of the Christian God,” she whispered.  “Ye have returned to Thera with thy friends.”  She smiled, her perfect face made demonic by the act.  “The death of Tarent will now be avenged.”


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