Presenting the third preview of Book Four of the ADVENTURE CHRONICLES

Please remember that it is unedited.

An ear-piercing scream shattered the night, almost causing Shawna to drop the bottle.

That sounds familiar,” grunted Max.

The group charged out of the grove, in the direction of the scream.  They came out on the dirt road that Elvara had used to lead them to her father’s cottage.  About a hundred yards up the road, in the direction of Elvara’s village of Freestone, the teens saw a covered wagon with two horses attached to it.  A woman who was sitting in the front of the wagon had apparently made the noise.

Around the wagon stood ten men, each wearing leather armor and brandishing short swords.  An older man lay on the ground, clutching his chest.

“You shouldn’t be travelling at night, m’lady,” one of the armored men was saying sarcastically.  “These are dark times and it isn’t safe.”

“Please,” begged the woman, “we don’t have anything of value.  We’re not merchants.  We were just trying to get home before the Witching Hour.”

“Maybe you should’ve camped for the evening,” suggested another of the bandits.  “Off the main road.”

Another of the men glanced up the road and saw Jamie and the others standing there, watching them.  “More travelers, Gril.”

The first man that they had seen speaking looked up at them.  “Maybe you all have some money for tolls?”

Jamie’s brow furrowed in disgust.  “Maybe you’d like to come and take it?”

The men looked around at one another and a few of them chuckled.

“Brave words, lad,” said the one who had spoken to them.  “Can you back them up?”  Then, the men started to walk toward the group of teens.

Jamie looked back at Shawna.  “Why don’t you see if you can help the man who’s hurt, while we deal with these guys?”

She nodded, then slipped back into the trees to make her way toward the wagon without the other men stopping her.

Jamie pulled his ninja-to from its sheath and assumed a defensive stance.  Around him, his friends all prepared themselves, as well.  On one side, Buster stood with one pair of nunchaku in each hand.  On the other, Dave popped his knuckles expectantly, a grin plastered on his face.


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