1 Samuel Chapter 28

I’m going to surprise some of you.  I believe that it is possible to speak to the dead.  After all, it happened in the above verse in Scripture when Saul went to En-dor and had a medium call up Samuel.

Now, having said that, the Bible forbids the practice of necromancy.  And I’m finding myself bombarded by it at the moment.

On September 22 . . . one month to the day after my mother died . . . I received a friend request on Facebook from a woman in England.  Due to a lack of intelligence on my part, I accepted her request.  Afterward, I looked over her page to read some of the things that had been blocked.  She was a medium who bragged about helping a little girl who had been raped and murdered to “cross over.”

Within minutes, she had added me to a group of people who had interest in the supernatural and who had ghosts attached to them.  I talked with my wife and my friend, Pennie Reese (a former medium and now Christian) and, due to their suggestions, I dropped her as a friend.  To top it off, a co-worker, the same day, discussed going to a medium next week to speak with her dead mother.

This morning, the British medium tried to add me again.  I declined it this time.  I also removed myself from that group and told Facebook not to let anyone add me to it again.

For the record, I grieve over my mother.  And it’s not going to leave any time soon.  My father’s been gone for nine years and I still miss him.  I’ll miss them both until the day that we’re reunited in the Presence of Jesus.

I will not sin against my Lord by trying to speak with my mother now.  She is happy in the arms of Jesus.  I may grieve now, but my sadness does not compare to her joy.  And it angers me that Satan would attempt to take advantage of my weakness.  Praise be to God that Satan doesn’t have to just overcome my strength.  He has to overcome the strength of He Who Lives in me.


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