Presenting the next preview of Book Four of the ADVENTURE CHRONICLES. Please remember that it is pre-edited.

Rain pelted the bedroom window as Shawna tried in vain to watch the television. Her mother had gone to the Bluff for some last minute Christmas shopping. Shawna had decided not to go. She was simply too exhausted.

It’s a Wonderful Life was playing on her television. She was normally ecstatic at the idea of seeing this movie, but she just could not concentrate tonight. So she changed into her Tweety pajamas, then brushed her teeth.

Coming back into her room, she switched off the television. She knelt down next to her bed just as the phone rang. She grabbed it from the receiver, placed it to her ear and said, “Hello?”

“Hi.” It was Jamie’s voice.

She smiled. “Hi. What’s up?”

“Do I need a reason to call you?”

She deserved that. “Of course not. I haven’t been a very good girlfriend lately, have I?”

“You’re going through a lot. I understand.”

“That’s no excuse. And you’re going through a lot, too. With Yoshi, and all . . ..” She immediately regretted bringing up Jamie’s late clan-sister.

He cleared his throat, then said, “Dave and I are going to go out and stay the night with George tonight. His parents have already left for his aunt’s house in Rolla, but he decided to wait and drive up the day after tomorrow. That way he can still go with us to the party tomorrow night. But he doesn’t want to be alone tonight.”

“I can understand that.” Shawna thought about the curly-haired teen. “How’s he doing? I don’t have any classes with him.”

She could hear Jamie sigh. “He’s better. Yoshi’s death really hit him hard, but he just started telling himself that she was a ‘high school sweetheart’ and that she probably wouldn’t have been the person that he would’ve married, anyway. He’s supposed to go to that college near St. Louis in the fall that has the ‘Biblical Archaeology’ program. Yoshi had wanted to go to SMSU in Springfield. And you know what they say about long-distance relationships.”

Shawna nodded, then realized that he could not see her. She had been thinking about the same thing. She had applied to a Christian college in Texas and knew that Jamie would be going to SMSU, as well. They had not discussed their own long-distance relationship.

Then, a thought popped into her head. She saw a vision of Jamie, a little older than he was now, wearing a tuxedo. He was dancing with a woman in a beautiful, flowing bridal gown. Watching them were a group of people that consisted of all of Adventure, Laura, Amy. . . and herself.


Her name snapped her to attention again. “I’m sorry, Jamie. I’m just so tired.”
He sighed. “That’s okay. You go ahead and get some sleep and I’ll call you tomorrow, okay?”

She smiled. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

She hung up the phone and shivered. Had she just been sent a vision? Or was it her own fears?

Still kneeling next to her bed, she bowed her head. “Lord, I don’t know why You’re sending me these dreams. I don’t know if I’m the right person to be a prophet. But I belong to You, my King. Use me as You will.”

She smiled as He sent His peace over her. “In my Blessed Savior’s Name, Amen.”

She climbed to her feet, switched off her lamp, then settled into her bed. As she closed her eyes, a thought hit her. She had just referred to God as her King. Though the title was certainly accurate, she had never done that before.

“King,” she whispered. “King . . . Kings . . .,” she bolted upright ” . . . KINGS!”

She reached toward her bedside table, turning on the lamp. Snatching her Bible, she opened it and found herself in 1Kings. Drawn to the eighteenth chapter, she read it. It discussed the time when Ahab ruled Israel and his wife, Jezebel, had given authority to the priests of her own religion, which worshiped a god named Baal. A prophet of God, named Elijah, had challenged the priests of Baal to a test to prove who the true God of Israel was . . ..

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