A few years back, Coscom Entertainment published a unique anthology about super heroes fighting zombies.  The sequel was about super heroes and werewolves.  I read Metahumans vs. Zombies and Metahumans vs. Lycanthropes and reviewed them both on Amazon and on this blog.  I was disappointed when A.P. Fuchs, the editor and publisher of Coscom, retired last year, leaving the series in limbo.  He passed the series over to J.L. MacDonald, creator of Nightcat, to continue through her publishing company, Lion’s Share Press.  I had been playing around with a character who would be tied into my Adventure Chronicles series but would continue beyond its conclusion.  So, adapting her into a super hero, I wrote a story and submitted it.  I find myself in somewhat of a dilemma, now.  I love all of the stories in the book.  And I can’t review it because I’m a contributing author.  Ugh.

But I can discuss the books on here.  So, here are my takes on the stories, in the order of appearance in the anthology:

1. “The Battery” by Sean N. Koury-I’ve gotten to know Sean online and his humor comes through in this story about a cyborg, named Bounty Hunter, who can travel to alternate earths.  My favorite part of this is when Bounty Hunter tells a child that he has been to the dimension where Batman lives and it keeps having cosmic events that rewrite history (alluding to the reboots that DC Comics keeps having).

2.  “Steam” by Steven J. Semones-A very well-written western/super hero story.  Mixed in with alien robots.

3.  “A Whole Other Animal” by Greg Mitchell-Light Sphere does battle with a robot who has been infected with lycanthropy.  Yes, a robot/werewolf.  It’s an entertaining story.  The big thing was that Light Sphere’s secret identity is Rick Castle.  Due to that being the name of the primary protagonist in my favorite weekly television program, I pictured Light Sphere being played by Nathan Fillion during the duration of the story.

4.  “I Always Wanted a Giant Robot” by Scott Story-This one plays very noir to me, with the whole story being told by the hero, Johnny Saturn, to a friend over drinks.

5.  “Othveria:  Mystery Metal” by T.W. Johnson-We’ve met Melfaxus in Johnson’s Othveria: Crisis.  Here, we get to see his heroic arch-foe, Metaegus.  Uniquely written in the present tense, the story reads like a Japanese monster show.

6.  “The Science of Evil” by Keith Gouveia-The hero, Midnight Angel, is the daughter of Satan and has to fight demons that come through a natural portal from hell that appears in her abdomen.  An interesting premise, although the villain that she fought in this story was a robot that was created by the government to help her.

7. “Eye Robot” by J.L. MacDonald-Truthfully, the story that I was waiting for.  Nightcat has to battle flying robots who are being mistaken for UFOs.

8.  “Duomo Arigatou” by yours truly-The first story that I’ve written about Seigi, a former assassin from the Waruiyatsu ninja clan who has become a Christian and vowed to spend the rest of her life fighting evil.

9.  “The Black Knights of Stonebridge” by Jim Robb-I had wondered how Robb would write a story about his medieval super hero, the Crusader, that would put him up agaist a robot.  Not only did he succeed, but he wrote an amazing story, to boot.

10.  “Robots Attack!” by Frank Dirscherl-The grandfather of indie metahumans in prose fiction, the Wraith, is back and has to fight an android that looks like a friend.

11.  “Razor Wave” by Gina Ranalli-A story about a team of metahumans having to battle a former hero.  A very emotional story..

12.  “Rage Agaist the Retcon” by Lorne Dixon-A WWII hero who has survived all these years (but aged normally). He had the most emotional ending in the Lycanthropes anthology and his story here is just as entertaining.

I truly enjoyed all of the stories in the anthology and strongly recommend the book to anybody who loves super hero fiction.  It’s available in Ebook and Paperback.


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