What I’m Currently Reading

Since I first got my Kindle (nearly two years ago), I’ve been reading mostly on it. In fact, the only hardcopy books that I’ve read have been books that I already had and have already read in the past. So, this is a bit different:


It’s no secret that my ten-year-old daughter is an advanced reader for her age. And it’s no secret that I’m as proud of her as any father can be. Gone are the days when I could pick up a children’s picture book for her and she would be happy. Actually, those days have been gone for a long time. Now, she reads chapter books. The Barcode Tattoo is a book that she left at my house for me to read, as she has already read it and its sequel. Judging by the title, one would almost think that it’s an End-Times thriller, ala Left Behind. I guess I’ll find out.

It is a YA book, which is something that I need to read more often, considering the series that I’m writing.

Alright, Kaitlyn. Daddy accepts your challenge.


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