Review of EXTINCTION POINT: REVELATIONS by Paul Antony Jones

I stumbled across the third book of the Extinction Point series without much fanfare. Having started off with a bang in the first book, the second one was a little bit of a let-down. And, unfortunately, this book continued that trend. The fear was gone completely. I don’t know what happened to the author, but I really didn’t like this volume.

A submarine crew joins Emily and Jacob. Emily turns into a real jerk toward Jacob. Despite his reason for lying to her, he still saved her life. Her anger toward him gets old real fast. The crew of the sub are mostly forgettable. For some reason, the one who becomes Emily’s new love interest (who is Scottish), took on the appearance of Gerard Butler in my mind.

We find out the reason for the attack. These aliens believe that humanity is too violent to continue to live, so they take it upon themselves to violently kill us so they can start a new planet.

Ugh. I think I would have just as soon not known their reason.

The author indicated that he’s planning on writing a fourth book. However, this third book pretty much ruined the series for me. As far as I’m concerned, Extinction Point is dead.

One Star.


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  1. I started reading, and enjoying, the 1st book but a few people I know told me how disappointed they were after reading the 2nd book so I never finished it. You’re not the first person who said something negative about the 3rd book either. It’s a shame because the 1st book had a lot of promise.