Excerpt #3 from GATEWAY TO THERA

Below is the third excerpt from Book Three of the ADVENTURE CHRONICLES. As always, please be aware that this is an unedited excerpt:

Yoshi performed a back flip, bringing both feet into the creature’s chin. The creature stumbled backward, but still remained standing. Looking around, Yoshi noticed that her friends had already dispatched all of the creatures that hadn’t fled. They were now watching her battle. “Great, you guys!” she exclaimed as she slammed her right foot into the creature’s knee, causing it to howl in pain, but still not taking it down. “I have enough to worry about without having to perform for an audience!”

The creature attempted a downward stroke, but Yoshi narrowly dodged to her right and avoided the creature’s blade. She started to swing one of her own swords upward, but the creature was too quick and sliced her across the right leg. She gasped in pain and fell to the knee of her left leg.

“Now, you die, human!” exclaimed the creature as it reared back with its sword.

In a last ditch effort to stop the creature from ending her life, Yoshi shoved both of her ninja-tos into its gut. A look of surprise registered upon her opponent’s reptilian face as it dropped its sword, her blades dislodging from it as it fell backward.

Looking down at the creature, she said, “I believe that you were mistaken.”

Jamie rushed to his clan-sister’s side, putting his arm around her and helping her to walk back over to the rest of their friends.

“He was pretty good,” remarked the young kunoichi with a chuckle.

“The best swordsman of the crechaw,” stated the young woman who had been on the altar. “I would say that you are very good!”

Yoshi looked up at her with a smile. “Some have said so.”

“What’s a crechaw?” asked Max.

“A magically altered human,” replied the girl. “They were a creation of Tarent of Skull Keep.”

“Tarent!” boomed Jamie. “He’s the one who has Shawna! Where can we find this Skull Keep?”

“Oh,” stated the girl, “you don’t wish to go there. Tarent is the baron of a small area about two days’ march to the south. He has proclaimed that anyone who enters his tower without permission will be put to death.” She looked around suspiciously at the tattered teens and their adult friend. “Everyone knows about Tarent. What is your story?”

“All I know is that this Tarent-guy has taken a person who is very dear to me,” said Jamie, “and I intend to get her back.”

“I see,” muttered the girl.

“What’s your name?” asked Alex.

“Oh, my word!” exclaimed the girl. “How rude of me.” She composed herself, straightening her robe and the pouches upon her belt. “I am the prophetess, Elvara Winterbreeze, daughter of the weapon smith Darian Winterbreeze.”

“I’m Alexandria Rhee,” said Alex as she shook Elvara’s hand. “And this cutie,” she gestured at her boyfriend, “is Max Adams. These are our friends . . . Jamie Raleigh, Yoshi Funakoshi, Buster Goodman, George Tanner, and . . .”

” . . . Deck Pendragon,” interrupted big man as he took her right hand and kissed it, “at your service.”

Elvara smiled shyly and used her left hand to stroke her blonde hair behind her ear, which the members of Adventure could now see was pointed.

“What is the matter?” she asked, blushing as she noticed them staring.

“Your ear,” stuttered Max. “It’s . . . it’s . . . pointed!”

Her eyes narrowed in confusion as she folded her arms across her chest. “Haven’t you ever seen an elf before?”

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