A Major Event in Indie Publishing

I’ve been busy getting things together for the convention in March and have been slacking in my blogging duties. But something has happened that just HAD to be mentioned. An event so shocking that it is sending ripples through groups of indie publishers. Especially those who write super hero fiction.

A.P. Fuchs is retiring from writing and publishing.

I was shocked at this. It almost seemed like an overnight thing. One day, he posted his daily blog entry, just like normal (a review of the lousy Catwoman movie). The next, he announced his retirement. He is going into full-time ministry, which is noble. But we’re going to miss him in publishing circles. I’m glad I got his publishing guide before he pulled it from sale. Most of his books are now listed as “Out of Print” on Amazon. Thankfully, I got many of them on my Kindle.

For those of you who are concerned about the continuation of the “Metahumans vs.” anthologies, Lion’s Share Press, the publisher of the incredible Nightcat stories, will be taking over their publication, with Metahumans vs. Robots coming sometime after May, 2014.

Good luck to you, A.P.. May Christ walk with you on your journey.


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