An Update on My Writing Schedule

Well, my table is paid for in the upcoming Cape Comic-con. Today, I purchased the tickets for my daughter and stepson to go with me. I have to find a reasonably priced hotel, but things are coming along on the preparation front.

The books? Whoa . . .. TW Johnson, who is formatting the covers for me, realized that the file that I have from the original BOOK TWO is not a high enough resolution to be reused for the re-releaase. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get ahold of the original artist, so Tim is currently drawing a whole new pic for the cover. My editor is currently sending me files of individual chapters with a final edit for the book and, hopefully, I can go to press as early as the end of next week.

BOOK THREE has been uploaded to the printer with a throw-away cover so that I can send a copy to my editor. I have an amazing new piece of art from the talented Andy Borders depicting the villain watching Yoshi fight one of his henchmen. I’m waiting for Tim to be finished with the cover layout before I do a cover reveal. I’m really excited about this story. We change genres and, when the story is finished, ADVENTURE will be two members short. The events of this book will affect the storyline throughout the series. The goal is to release the book at the Cape Comic-con.

I’m also excited to announce that my editor, Karen Griffiths, and her husband will be joining me at the convention. Though Karen doesn’t intend to stay at the table with her hubby and me constantly.

Please keep Karen and Tim in your prayers as they kindly rush to meet these deadlines. And, as always, keep me in your prayers.

Until next time, God Bless.

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