Some Updates . . ..

Well, I talked with my editor today and, considering some of the things that she’s wanting me to change, December 13 is a bit unrealistic for a deadline for having the book in print. So, I’ll shoot for the second Friday in January. I’ll miss the Christmas season, but I’d rather it come out later and be a better book.

I’m still going to be shooting for a March release of BOOK THREE. I want to have all three ready for the Cape Girardeau comicon. I’ll probably officially release the book that weekend.

As my sales of BOOK ONE have been lackluster on, I’ve thought about taking it down and using Smashwords to load it back up there. However, the Smashwords edition has been loaded under a different Jeffrey Davis. You can see that version, and the other dude’s smiling visage, here. Strangely, B&N was quick to fix the author’s name on my free short story as soon as Smashwords pointed it out to them. I’ll give it another week and, if it hasn’t been fixed on Invasion, I’ll pull the Smashwords version back down. It’s not worth the headache.

The Fussy Librarian is going to be featuring Lily’s Redemption in their emails on 11-26. Since their emails are targeted to people who have specified interest in specific genres, I’m interested to see if it makes an increase in traffic.

Next week, we’ll be having a guest post by A.P. Fuchs, the creator of Axiom-man. Don’t miss it!

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  1. That can be so frustrating, I know! I ran around in circles trying to get both my books claimed on Goodreads. I hope it gets cleared up soon!