Review of HOPE & SHINY THINGS by Celesta Thiessen

Hope & Shiny Things was Celesta Thiessen’s first book. Of the things I’ve read by her, this is arguably the weakest of them. That doesn’t mean that it’s a bad story, by any means.

Overall, the story is good. As with her excellent Prince Jade, we see how the simple, pure love of a woman and God can turn the blackest heart to good. Actually, we see this more than once here. The story plays like a serial. I actually found myself imagining where one episode would end with a “To Be Continued” and where the next would begin. We see the remnants of humanity coming together over their differences to keep the race alive.

Thiessen did change POV some in the middle of scenes. Just a mark (like “* * *”) to separate the sections would do some good. Also, we never find out the motives for the aliens’ attack on humanity, although she could always write a sequel to explain this. This story could easily lead to a series. I’d read it.

Four out of Five stars.

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