I Looked at My Smashwords Account Today . . .

Today, I signed up for Expanded Distribution through Createspace. I was going to do it soon, anyway. Today, however, I discovered that Createspace has dropped the cost of EDC so that it is free to sign up. I’m happy with their response to Ingram Spark. LOL.

On the ebook front, I logged into my Smashwords account today and went back over the past two years. I’ve really paid a great deal of attention to my Kindle sales and Nook sales, but I’ve paid little attention to what is going on at the site that puts my books up on the other ebook sites. So I decided to look into it.
And here’s what I discovered:


I “sold” 28 copies of Lily’s Redemption on the Smashwords website.
I “sold” 187 copies on Sony.
I “sold” 1 copy on the Kobo (in Canada).


I added Invasion of the Ninja to my list this year.
I “sold” 2 copies of each book on the Smashwords site.
I “sold” 51 copies of Lily’s Redemption and 10 copies of Invasion of the Ninja on Sony.
I “sold” 2 copies of Lily’s Redemption and 86 copies of Invasion of the Ninja on Apple.

I used the term “sold” loosely, as the majority of these so-called sales were taken during free times. I have, to date, not reached the minimum amount of royalties to get a single payout. But it does show that Smashwords has potential. I’ve resolved to remove Invasion from Nook Press and put it up on Smashwords, hopefully to bring my royalties up a little there. It’s not selling so well directly on BN. I would never move Lily’s Redemption, though. It’s sales have always been steady and I don’t want to risk losing that momentum.

I also realized that, through Smashwords, I have reached readers in Canada, Brazil, Guatemala, Sweden, Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia, Peru, the Czech Republic, Spain, Greece, Venezuela Denmark, and Mexico. And that’s more exciting than I could have ever hoped for.


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