Since I got my Kindle, I’ve been reading a good mixture of fiction. From horror to science fiction and everything in between, I’ve read some true gems . . . and a few rocks. One genre that I’ve picked up on this year that has been consistently good has been superhero fiction. Until this year, I’d read one Axiom-man novel, one Spider-man anthology and one Gen 13 novel. After the way that Marvel Comics had treated Spider-man, whose comic books I’d been reading since I was nine, I had pretty much given up on them in general.

And then I downloaded a couple of the Axiom-man short stories. Then an Axiom-man novella. Like some of my old comic books, I read them out of order but it was somewhat fun to fill in the blanks. Finally, I downloaded Metahumans v.s. the Undead. And I was introduced to a list of awesome new characters. From J.L. MacDonald’s Nightcat to Frank Dirscherl’s The Wraith, I have thoroughly enjoyed these creator-owned superheroes.

I’ve found myself wondering how my own characters would fit in with such an ensemble. As I’ve mentioned before, I took great care to make the first two books as realistic as possible. But then BOOK THREE comes along, and realism flies out the window. I’d actually love to see my characters deal with a super-powered person. Indeed, they will be fighting a dark wizard in BOOK THREE. And, after that, they probably wouldn’t bat an eye at a woman who was genetically altered to be part cat or a man who could fly and shoot blue blasts out of his eyes. It kind of reminds me of how Casey Jones reacted to seeing Splinter for the first time in the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, after having spent so much time with the four turtles, themselves.

I’m going to be declaring this month my “Superheroes” month. Along with my typical updates about my books and some book reviews, I’m going to have some guest posts by some of these amazing indie authors. I’m looking forward to reading what they have to say.

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