Since I finally decided to go the self-publishing route back in 2006, I have gathered a veritable library of information on the publishing industry. Second only to my Theology collection, the books that I have on the subject range from writing tomes to layout suggestions for paperbacks to marketing. Switching to doing the majority of my reading in ebooks has enabled that hunger for knowledge to grow exponentially and my Kindle Fire probably has a good eighty percent of its content covered in publishing manuals.

A.P. Fuchs has been publishing for nearly a decade and making that his sole job for a majority of that. He has, to date, published thirty books. His publishing company, Coscom Entertainment, publishes not only his own novels, but some of the finest authors of the horror and superhero genres of this decade.

So, if anybody has the authority to write a book on the subject of self-publishing, it’s Fuchs.

First of all, let me point out that he has a conversational style that made the book easier to read that most in the genre. I felt more like he was sitting in the room, talking to me. It’s an odd thing to get a page-turner in a non-fiction book, but he succeeded here.

Fuchs, in his no-nonsense way, takes you from idea through marketing, discussing just about every aspect of self-publishing, including setting up your publishing company, possible tax write-offs, laying out the book for both print and ebook editions, cover design ideas and sales strategies, just to name a few. I already do some of the things in this book. But what makes the book such a treasure are those simple things that made me literally face palm myself, thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

To be sure, I may not agree with all of what he writes. He makes his argument against Createspace, which is my printer. But that is about the only thing that stuck out. And considering that most of the other books that I’ve purchased recently have only had, at most, fifty percent of the content usable by me, Fuchs’s tome is one that I’ll come back to again and again.

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