Review of BURDEN OF PROOF by Jennifer MacDonald

A murderer is on the loose and he’s using claws to kill his victims. The perfect scapegoat for his crimes? Nightcat.

Reading like a single issue comic book, Burden of Proof made me feel like a kid again, having just come home from a trip to the comic store. I loved seeing Paige again and seeing her active in the story. Maybe she’ll get a super hero name soon. I also loved that the story ended with some loose ends so we could maybe continue soon into another one?

I’m really appreciating the good role model that Nightcat can be. I’m also appreciating MacDonald’s writing. I’m not sure that I’d really want to see a kid in a Nightcat Halloween costume, but we see Dana, Nightcat’s secret identity, as a modest, hard-working woman. And that’s someone that we could all look up to.


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