Review of SANCTUARY by Pauline Creeden

In keeping with my recent foray into books that tend to bend genres, I decided to download Sanctuary by Pauline Creeden.

It’s a Christian End Times novel with zombies.

I’m not making fun of it. It’s actually an incredibly enjoyable read. The alien ships arrive and attack the sun, causing it to grow in size but lose its heat (that’s really what would happen). Then, they poison the water supply. Finally, they attack. But they only bite their victims, leaving them alive for what comes next. The infection turns the victims into walking zombies, who spread the disease by biting others.

To be fair, the infected are not undead zombies. I liken them more to the people in 28 DAYS LATER in that they are merely infected people. But one of our heroes may just have a cure.

The story is told from the point of view of three characters: Jennie, Hugh and Brad. Creeden skillfully connects the viewpoints during the introduction and never makes a mistake when switching between the three. We get to know the three of them. We also see how faith in Christ can be the greatest defense against evil in existence.

The book is definitely for adults. The description of violence is on par with the LEFT BEHIND series, meaning that it can get pretty rough. Also, one minor swear word shows up. But these did very little to drop my interest level. It started off well and ended well . . . with the realization that there will be a sequel. And I’m definitely looking forward to it.


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