Review of AXIOM-MAN by AP Fuchs

Way back in 2006, I was still suffering from extreme disappointment at the handling of my two books by the publishing company with whom I’d signed and was depressed that I couldn’t truly put out the next in the series until the first two were out of contract. I still had four years to go with the first book and six with the second. I didn’t know what I would do to publish them, as I wasn’t sure that I wanted to publish the rewrites through the same publisher.

I had been following A.P. Fuchs for some time, having been led to him by another of my favorite indie authors, David Kilpatrick. I knew of Fuchs as a horror author, so I was intrigued when he released Axiom-man that year. I went through some hoops to order a copy. Borders in Springfield, MO, refused to even special order it for me. I turned to Barnes and Noble and they got it for me in a couple of days. It was that book that made me decide to self-publish THE ADVENTURE CHRONICLES.

I truly enjoyed the novel. Axiom-man is one of the shining light superheroes who has a moral core. I liken him to Superman or Spider-man in heart. And this is a good thing. I passed the book around to several other people with whom I worked at the time (like Gabriel, Axiom-man’s secret identity, I worked in a credit card call center) and it was universally enjoyed. It’s the kind of book that you can feel comfortable letting your kids read. And, unlike so many superheroes today, Axiom-man is one that you WANT your kids to admire. He’s humble, self-sacrificing and dedicated to helping others. And we have far too few “heroes” today who are like that.


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