Review of TORRENT by Lindsay Buroker

As I’ve mentioned before, I follow the blog of Lindsay Buroker. Her blog consists of a generous list of publishing resources and I check it out daily. I had read the beginning of her steam punk fantasy series, The Emperor’s Edge, and it was a good book. But I admit that I haven’t gone on to read the rest of the series, as of yet. Her newest book, Torrent moves out of her standard territory and into a modern setting.

I found the plot intriguing and the characters likable. I was a little worried that giving the main character, Delia, a background in archaeology and a whip would make her a disappointing offspring of Indiana Jones and Lara Croft. But Delia, who tells the story in the first person, is more realistic. Though she has a background in the martial arts, she is not very sure of herself. She also is not the “hero” of the story, a fact that I found refreshing. Simon and Temi were a mixed bag. Simon, the geek with which I had hoped to identify the most, was said to have considered his heritage very important. This would have been great if it had been brought up anymore in the story. Temi, a former tennis player who had given up her career after a leg injury, seemed a bit shallow, although the ending left us knowing that she will have to have an important part in future books.

The pros are that we were left with unanswered questions that will make us want to read future books to see what happens. The characters interact with each other realistically and I almost felt as if I were in the room with them.

The cons were a few mature words (at most, PG-rating). One female character discusses having kissed another woman when she was a teenager, but it isn’t glamorized. The book is probably suitable for an older teen or above.

I enjoyed the book. Especially when it got to the halfway point and the pace really picked up. I’d recommend it.

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