Review of ZOMBIE FIGHT NIGHT by A.P. Fuchs

I’ve read a few zombie novels over the past year. Ranging from an outbreak on the ill-fated TITANIC to an anthology of superheroes fighting the undead, they’ve all been entertaining. So, I went into A.P. Fuchs’s Zombie Fight Night with excitement.

The war with the zombies is over. Though the casualties were high, the humans finally won. Now, an enterprising (and quite ruthless) man named Tony Sterpanko, has stepped in and created “Zombie Fight Night,” where warriors battle zombies. Fortunes are won and lost over these battles.

Fuchs is a master storyteller, for sure. He did exactly what he set out to do. He gave us a number of gladiatorial-style battles vs. zombies. There was a story in there to hold them together but I read the book for the fights. From a Viking to a samurai, Bruce Lee to Fuchs’s own AXIOM-MAN, we were treated to a list of battles that were superbly written.

On a side note regarding the plot, I felt that the ending was bittersweet. One character did get what was coming to said character.

The violence, detailed blow for blow, is probably the one thing that keeps this from being for the kids. Sexuality doesn’t really show up and only one swear word that I can remember shows up on the last page of the main story.

Highly recommended.

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