I picked up Invasion of Privacy and Other Stories by Jim Liston during a free period. I’ll happily say that I enjoyed it. The short stories are a mixed lot reading like short scripts for “Tales From the Darkside.” I enjoyed them and kept reading because each story was relatively short and could be read in a few minutes. I was able to read the entire book in one sitting.

I enjoyed “Invasion of Privacy.” The characters in the story were well-rounded. We have Jim, the widowed husband who is determined to find his wife’s murderer. We have Roger, the arrogant–but likable–computer geek who starts working for Jim and helps him in his quest. We even have Melanie, the hot . . . and brilliant . . . woman who hides the fact that she’s better with computers that the other two put together behind her adult webcam business.

I would probably been a bit more put off by the last part if it played out more in the story. But her job was mentioned, she was nude for a couple of paragraphs, and then it was pretty much over. After that, she was just the pretty, smart girl. Given my particular addiction, I’m really glad that the author didn’t go into more detail here. Sadly, if they make a movie based off this story, I wouldn’t be able to watch it.

Of all the stories, this one was my favorite. It took up over half of the ebook and could have definitely been lengthened into a full-sized novel.


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