An Excerpt from KLANDESTINE MANEUVERS: Book Two of the Adventure Chronicles

Here’s the next excerpt from the upcoming BOOK TWO. This release, like BOOK ONE, contains flashbacks that tell a separate story from the heroes’ younger years.

As usual, please remember that this excerpt is unedited.

April 15, 1988
Friday, 5:00 PM

Jamie’s wooden blade knocked that of the girl from her hand, sending it clattering across the concrete. He tapped the bokken to the neck of the girl, causing her to flinch in pain.

His mask of seriousness melted. “Did I hit you too hard?” His concern was evident.

“I am fine!” she snapped as she turned from him and walked to where her own practice weapon had come to rest in the fallen leaves that blanketed the area around the patio. She reached down and snatched it up, turning immediately to where her father sat next to his uncle.

She walked up to the two ninja and dropped the wooden sword at their feet. “I cannot do this, father!” she declared.

Kuji Funakoshi eyed his daughter in irritation. Jamie clenched his teeth and willed himself to be sitting in his bedroom at home. He knew what was going to happen next.

“You must do this, Yoshi!” Kuji was now on his feet, his eyes staring daggers at his daughter. “You will one day lead our clan! Your ability to defend yourself is of the utmost importance!”

When Jamie was with his sensei’s family, they spoke English for his benefit. He sometimes felt, however, that he would benefit more if he couldn’t understand their arguments.

“This is unfair!” argued the girl. Jamie noted how her exotic beauty was simply enhanced by her anger. “I did not ask to be either ninja or jonin!”

“You were born with the responsibility!” returned Kuji. “There was no choice!”

Yoshi pointed at Jamie.

Uh-oh, the boy thought. Here it comes.

“He had a choice!”



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  1. 🙂 Makes me smile…and think about Naruto!

  2. Naruto? I’ve never actually watched an episode of it.

  3. I like your characters 🙂