Review of “Marked for Death,” a Nightcat story by J.L. MacDonald

I like a strong female character. This is precisely why I created Yoshi Funakoshi. It’s all the rage for comics to feature strong, kick-butt heroines. From Marvel’s Psylocke to DC’s Powergirl to Wildstorm’s Fairchild (from Gen13), they’re all around us.

I discovered Wildcat through JL MacDonald’s Facebook friendship with A.P. Fuchs. I finally read one of her stories in METAHUMANS VS. THE UNDEAD. It ended up being one of my favorites in the anthology. MacDonald isn’t afraid to let Nightcat get hurt. Early on in that story, she actually gets bitten by a zombie. In “Marked for Death,” she has a bounty put on her head by a mob boss. And she hasn’t even met this boss. Her reputation makes him decide that she’s “bad for business.”

So far, the stories that I’ve read show Nightcat as having a rival, Raphael, who was created before her. He has had something to do with her creation, as well. His DNA seems to have been mixed with a bat, making him look like a gargoyle. He’s amoral, stronger than her and can fly. And, unlike our heroine, he can’t change back to human form (or can he?). And, despite being one of her foes, he’s helped her in every story that I’ve read so far. Perhaps their complex relationship will be fleshed out more in THE DARKNESS OF SHADOWS, Nightcat’s debut novel.

A cat-woman with a healing factor, sixth sense and a moral core? Though the character obviously has a sexual relationship with her boyfriend, I would still highly recommend her as a character for someone who is interested in a new hero. At least a grown-up who is interested.

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