Review of EXODUS: Extinction Point II by Paul Antony Jones

Have you ever read one of those sequels that was so amazing that it blew the original away?

Yeah, that’s not what happened here.

I sort of blame myself. I was expecting too much. As most of my readers know, I loved the first book. I waited for over a year after reading it for the release of the sequel. And I was disappointed. Why?


First of all, the editors need to be shot. A glaring example is in Chapter Two. At one point, Emily removes her rifle from its shoulder strap and then, IN THE VERY NEXT PARAGRAPH, she reaches back to take comfort in it still being strapped to her shoulder. It’s as if the editor took a break from reading after the first paragraph, went and got a bite to eat, then came back and forgot what he had just read.

Next, I remember there being adult language in the first book, but I don’t remember there being so much of it. Here, it’s all over the story and even in the narration. If the people who are reading the book don’t have a problem with foul language, then this point won’t make much of a difference.

Third, we added more characters to the story. A father and his two children show up early in the book, only for us to see the father die almost immediately and one of the two kids die by Emily’s own hand (it could be justified . . . or the author could have just left it out). The remaining child serves to take away one of the things that made the first book so good . . . Emily’s stifling loneliness. Having another human to talk with face-to-face kills something in the story.

Finally, there were many points in the first book where the author succeeded in creating an atmosphere of fear. I never found anything of the sort in this book.

I’m not saying that Exodus is a terrible book. Just don’t expect anything on par with the first one.

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