Celesta Thiessen

I’ve recently read two books by Celesta Thiessen, a Christian novelist with a good grasp of storytelling.

Apocalyptic and Dystopian Tales was given to me free for review. The stories are really flash fiction, as they are mostly a few pages each. A couple of them deal with environmental issues. Some of them have a “Twilight Zone-esque” quality about them. Many of them have Biblical undertones with characters who test their faith and sacrifice for others. All are very entertaining, although I was a bit confused by the ending of “Hope.” My favorites: “World War Four,” “White,” “Count to Ten,” and “Escaping Darkness.”

After enjoying the above work, I downloaded Prince Jade from Amazon. All I can say is “WOW.” The first chapter started off slow, but the second one grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let go. The story reads very much like a fairy-tale. We see a wretched, monster of a character turned around by the simple, pure love of a peasant girl and the love of God. I intend to read this one with my nine-year-old daughter.

I’m definitely looking forward to more by Celesta Thiessen. And finding her stuff won’t be hard. She’s already a prolific writer with nineteen books under her belt (at least on Amazon).


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