I Wonder if We Realize When We Cause Others to Stumble?

I have issues with our church. I’ll admit it. Aside from the fact that we never can seem to sing an unaltered hymn (Brother Byron, “Amazing Grace” does NOT have the phrase “My chains are gone” in it!), I still think that our church holds such a view of Baptism that it feels that we have to be dunked to be truly saved, even if they don’t quite go so far as to say it. The first issue is really a matter of taste, while the latter is more of a big issue. Doctrine like that can cross a dangerous line if left unchecked.

Today, another line was crossed. I don’t believe that secular music belongs in church. Not that I mind secular music. I just don’t think that it belongs in a worship service. Our new media guy put together something that I feel was WAY out of line in church. He took several pics of people in our church, “aged” them, then put them up to the theme song to “Cheers”. Many people, I’m sure the media guy included, thought it was cute. My wife, a recovering alcoholic, didn’t get angry, but pointed out that it took her mind in a direction that she didn’t need to go.

Romans 14:21 says, “It is good not to eat meat or drink wine or do anything that causes your brother to stumble.” I wonder if our media guy even considered this? Looking at my own addiction, I wonder if the woman who decides to wear–to church–that dress that shows just a hint of cleavage (or, Heaven forbid, a great deal of it) realizes how hard she is making it for me to keep from stumbling?



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  1. I wonder if you would consider ‘classical’ music in the same category as ‘secular music’? The reason I ask is when I get a chance to hear classical music preformed I can only wonder at the gift that a loving God into someones head. To me it is the (smallest) glimpse of the glory of God, and I wonder if the youth of today could feel the same about secular music?

  2. Kiss performed the song God Gave Rock N Roll to you. That could be performed in a church. In a sense you are judging what is or is not acceptable to you. and that is your right. you just have to make sure that you are not doing so in a way that is preventing God from reaching you. God had to get my attention when it came to the same thing. I was judging people’s actions, songs, clothes, and other stuff. God had to remind me that only he knows their hearts. I don’t. What gives me the right to call something unclean that he has made clean. Why can i say that something is sinful when i can only see in shadows but he sees fully.
    By the way. There are several verses to Amazing Grace the common version we use is just part of it. THere is a popular Christian recording by Chris Tomlin called Amazing Grace My chains are gone. So that is a “Christian’ song. anything that glorifies God or that is not vulgar or disrespectful is good and should be seen that way. there is no Christian or secular. there is good or bad only.
    Just my opinion.

    • I’m aware of “My Chains Are Gone.” I have it on CD. I’m just missing some traditional hymns every once in awhile. As far as putting secular songs in church, I’m not aware of that particular song that you mentioned. I’d have to look over the lyrics. But I can’t see the “Cheers” theme song, especially if it causes others to stumble, to be God-honoring.

  3. Cheers? Are you kidding me? Unbelievable. Very good point. This is one of the biggest reasons I have for avoiding certain things and for encouraging others to do the same. You never know where you might be causing someone’s mind to go.