An Update on Updates

Well, the vacation was nice. We got to meet Pennie DeWitt, which was an absolute joy. Six Flags over Texas was a bit different than the St. Louis park and the change was nice.

When we got back, we discovered that my wife, who had been a restaurant manager for the graveyard shift at her work, has been moved to a day manager. This is something that we’ve been praying for since we married, so we’re thankful that God has blessed us with this. It will change the way that I post, because I don’t get online when she is home. I will still be trying to post twice per week (at least) but it may not be on the same days every week.

For those of you waiting for book reviews, my Kindle died on my trip. I was put a little behind on my reading while waiting for my replacement. But I have it now and I’m back on track.

Until next time, God Bless.

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