Excerpt from KLANDESTINE MANEUVERS: Book Two of the Adventure Chronicles

Sorry about the lack of update yesterday. We’re busy preparing for a trip to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Come tomorrow evening, we’ll be in the “Lone Star State.” I’m looking forward to having brunch with Pennie DeWitt while we’re down there. Due to my vacation, there will be no updates next week. Here’s another excerpt from Book Two of the “Adventure Chronicles.”

Jamie could barely make out Jessica’s fragile form through one of the windows in the front van, where all of the children had been dragged. He could hear her screaming, “UNCLE JAMIEEE!!!” Angrily, Jamie produced a four-pointed shuriken from the front pocket of his jeans. He hurled it with all his might at the rear tire of the back van, and his aim was true. The tire exploded and the van spun uncontrollably into Jamie’s uncle’s garage, which stood across the road and about twenty yards up.

The group ran up to the now demolished building. Six men climbed unsteadily from the wrecked van. Jamie slammed his fist into the first man’s jaw. He brought the heel of his foot up against the head of the second man.

Dave grabbed two of the men and slammed their heads together, frustrated by the simplicity of the fight.

Max slammed his foot into the next man’s gut, then leaped off the ground, performed a 360-degree spin, and brought his heel against the man’s head. The man spun as he was knocked from his feet.

Buster grabbed the final man’s arm and flipped him effortlessly to the ground.

Jamie grabbed the first man and slammed him against a nearby wall. “Where are they taking those kids?!” he demanded. When the man didn’t answer, he slammed the man into the wall again and exclaimed, “ANSWER ME!!!”

Shawna gently placed her hand upon Jamie’s shoulder. “He’s in shock,” she remarked. “He couldn’t answer you if he wanted to.”

The second man chuckled as he spit blood from his mouth. “I could tell you,” he sputtered. “But I won’t.”

Yoshi reached down and placed her hand over his neck. “Then, what is to stop me from ripping your jugular vein from your throat?”

“Y’all think that yer heroes,” he replied. “You won’t kill me when ah’m at yer mercy.” He smiled. “But ah will tell ya this. If ya don’t stop the elementary demonstration Saturday . . .”

“Continue . . .” ordered the kunoichi.

“Let’s just say that we don’t got nothin’ ‘ginst killin’ for the greatness o’ our cause.”

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