Review of CUBE OF TREVALIA by L.J. Capehart

I just finished reading Cube of Trevalia by L.J. Capehart. The book is an entertaining read. I always love stories where real-world characters find themselves in a fantasy world and this fits into that genre. A strange cube that was found while digging a well has been a topic of conversation throughout the lives of Seth and his younger brother, Ethan. One day, the box decides to “do” something and Seth vanishes. Believing him to be dead, his wife, Kate, takes their children, Susan and Danny, to live at the home of Seth’s late parents. Ethan has renovated the barn and is living in it, possessing the cube. During a visit from Kate and the kids, the cube comes to life again and spirits them to another world and they find themselves in the middle of a prophecy to take down a tyrant.

The book was highly enjoyable. Once I started it, I couldn’t put it down. The fantasy level in the book wasn’t “high fantasy,” as guns were among the weapons that people had on the other world. Also, with the exception of one character telling another to “Go to He–“, there wasn’t any swearing. Teens can read this novel safely.

The ending left room for a sequel. It’ll be interesting to see if Capehart develops the story into a series.


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