Reading Update . . . Among Other Things

I love to read. This should be an obvious thing, as any writer should be a reader. My Kindle has come in quite handy for this. Since I work in a call center, I sometimes find myself with time between calls and this is when I get most of my reading done. Lately, we’ve been experiencing a much higher than usual call volume and I haven’t been able to read as much at work. On days when I don’t read at work, I am trying to take an hour or so to get some reading done in the evening, as my wife works the graveyard shift and tends to be asleep when I get home. I’ve compiled a list of the books that I have on my Kindle to read and for which I intend to write reviews here. Here they are, in order of when I’ve set myself to read them:

The Cube of Trevalia by L.J. Capehart-I’m currently reading this one and am just over half-way through it. I’m enjoying it greatly and look forward to writing my review here.

Apocalyptic And Dystopian Tales by Celesta Thiessen-I love to read anthologies, although I haven’t read one that was written by the same author since I wrote a book review in college on an HP Lovecraft anthology. As Thiessen is a Christian, I trust that her stories will be a little different.

Prince Jade by Celesta Thiessen-Yep, two books in a row by the same author. The cover is really appealing to me.

Extinction Point: EXODUS by Paul Antony Jones-I’ve been looking forward to this sequel for almost a year. I reviewed the first one a while back, but it had been awhile . . . even then . . . since I’d read it. I simply CAN’T WAIT to read this book!

Metahumans vs. The Undead-This anthology, published by Coscom Entertainment features short stories of indie superheroes (written by their creators) fighting zombies. “Two great tastes that taste . . . well, you get the hint!

Metahumans vs. Werewolves-The sequel to the above anthology, this time switching out the zombies with lycanthropes.

Marked for Death: A Nightcat Short Story by J.L. MacDonald-I love superheroes. And I love tough girls (thus Yoshika Funakoshi, in the Adventure Chronicles). Nightcat seems to fit the bill.

Voidhawk by Jason Halstead-My second favorite campaign setting for the D&D game was Spelljammer. I always loved the idea of swashbuckling adventures on a pirate ship flying through the stars. I don’t know how the author of this book managed to publish it without Wizards of the Coast, the owners of the copyright, suing him. But I’m going to read the book to find out.

Asterion by Kenneth Morvant-From what I understand, it is a Christian Science Fiction novel. I love both of the genres and hope that Morvant mixes them well.

I would love to add The Black Stiletto: Stars & Stripes by Raymond Benson to the list. I’ve read the first two novels about this super hero and reviewed them here and here. I loved both books. But I have a hard rule about spending more than five bucks for an ebook and the new book is $9.99, which is actually MORE than the cover price of the paperback version of Invasion of the Ninja.

By the way, I’ve lowered the cover price of the paperback for a limited time. If you buy it now from Amazon, you’ll save four dollars of the normal price of $12.95. And the ebook continues to be free, for the time being.

On another front, I’m almost finished with my second self-edit of BOOK TWO of The Adventure Chronicles. Next, I’ll be looking for volunteers to beta read. Then it’s off to my editor. In the meantime, I’ll be posting excerpts on this blog on Wednesdays. Let me know what you think!

Until next time, God bless!

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