Excerpt from KLANDESTINE MANEUVERS: Book Two of the Adventure Chronicles

Tonight, I bring you an excerpt from the upcoming Book Two in the Adventure Chronicles series. Keep in mind that this is a pre-edited draft. Also keep in mind that Book One is currently free for the Kindle.


Max kicked the bag repeatedly. He couldn’t remember ever having been as angry as he was at this moment. The strange thing was, he didn’t know why he was angry. A month ago, he would have been in total agreement with Rena. But he found himself insulted by what she had said. He leaped off of the ground, spinning a full 360 degrees and slamming the heel of his right foot into the bag. The strap snapped under the stress and the bag fell to the floor with a THUD!

The teen started to swear in anger, but stopped himself. He leaned over the bag and examined the strap. “I just fixed this,” he mumbled.

Sighing, the young tae kwon do practitioner turned to climb the stairs out of the basement of his house. The basement was as large as the entire ground floor. He had decided to turn it into a personal dojang . . . the Korean word for school . . . after the Waruiyatsu invasion. The only entrance to this basement was through a door that was on the outside of the house.

After flicking off the light-switch, he climbed the stairs to the door. Taking hold of the knob, he pushed the door open and was suddenly struck in the chest with what he glimpsed as a baseball bat. He was knocked off balance and rolled back down the stairs, hitting the concrete floor hard.
His teeth clenched through the pain, Max opened his eyes to see three men descending the stairs. He couldn’t make out any details in the darkness, but he knew that they were approaching quickly. Ignoring the pain, he rolled into the shadows of the basement.

Hiding behind a box of Steve’s old Red Sonja comic books, Max could hear the men arrive at the bottom of the stairs. One of them flicked the switch and the room was suddenly bathed in light.
He could hear one of the men approaching him. Swinging out with his left foot, he tripped the antagonist, knocking him to the floor. Max slammed his elbow into the back of the man’s neck, knocking him senseless.

This, of course, alerted the other two men to Max’s location. Jumping to his feet, the junior high student rolled himself into a ball and somersaulted into the next man’s legs. This one now joined his first companion on the floor. Still in a crouching position, Max brought his foot straight out and back, slamming it into the final man’s stomach, causing him to double over in agony. Max climbed to his feet to notice that the first man had regained his senses and was standing about three feet away. The second man was also back on his feet. The third, although in pain, was standing as straight as he possibly could. All three were surrounding the youth, eyeing him with rage through their green ski masks.

Max chuckled nervously. “How about a down and dirty game of thumb wrestling?” The men stepped closer as he noticed that he was standing directly under the hanging light. With a loud “KIAH!!!” he leaped off of the floor and brought his right foot into the bulb, shattering it and plunging the room back into darkness. The youth ducked to the floor and rolled toward the stairs as he could hear the three men attacking each other in an attempt to catch him. In the confusion, he darted up the stairs and out the door, slamming it shut behind him.

After replacing his mother’s padlock, trapping the men, he rubbed his sore ribs. “‘Pain is but an illusion . . .'” he quoted his sensei. As a sharp agony shot through him, he stumbled toward the front door, adding, “An illusion that hurts ALOT!” He then collapsed on his front porch as blackness overtook him.



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  1. Ha! Very good. I almost never read blog posts but your story sucked me in. Scanned the first couple of sentences and I was hooked!