“Revelation Road” and It’s Effect on My Writing

Yesterday, I got my second review of INVASION OF THE NINJA on Smashwords. I got a two-star review from this reader. I’m not bothered by a two-star review. What bothers me is the reason for the review. The reviewer said that it has too much of “God, and Christianity” in it. Did he look at the genre before he downloaded it? One of the genres mentioned is “Christian Suspense.” It just seems weird for somebody to give a bad review to a Christian novel for mentioning God and Jesus.

This brings me back to an issue that I’ve thought about for a few weeks. Do I have the book marketed under the correct genre? Just because it honors God in its body, should it be marketed as Christian fiction?

I realized, after some discussion on the CreateSpace message board, that I’d taken the best course of action. Looking back on some secular movies that had strong Christian themes, non-Christians tend to attack them . . . as if they feel ripped off that they were “tricked” into buying something Christian.

So this leads to another question: Is a Christian action story something that would find an audience? I had thought about this pretty much non-stop since I found that review on Smaashwords. Today, I found Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End on Netflix and it set my fears at ease. A Christian action/adventure film, the movie stars David A.R. White, Eric Roberts and Steve “Sting” Borden. A travelling salesman (White) with a past runs afoul of a biker gang just days before the Rapture when he defends a Christian store owner and his granddaughter from an armed robbery in which the gang leader tells the robbers, “No witnesses.”

On the action front, the fighting is well-choreographed. White really sells it and looks like a pro. Sting does some fighting for the entertainment of his fellow bikers but we don’t get to see him fight the hero. As this is the first part and we get a “To Be Continued” at just that point where you want to hurl something at the screen, I don’t know if we will get to see the fight. This, on top of the fact that Sting is not the leader of the bikers, but more of a second-in-command, makes me think that this battle may not happen.

On the biblical front, the movie throws in some nicely done ministering without seeming overpowering. Aside from the store owner and his wife, the hero’s wife is also a believer and tells him that Jesus loves him. The movie comes from the modern Dispensationalist perspective, showing the Rapture just before the movie ends. Rather than breaking away, then coming back on empty clothes (like some of the other movies that I’ve seen), we see the people turn into balls of light and ascend.

The second part is due any time and I can’t wait for it. And I now know that my genre has a place.



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2 responses to ““Revelation Road” and It’s Effect on My Writing

  1. I think all Christian writers of fiction get a bad review from time to time, left by someone who is offended by the Christian content. So, you’re not alone.

    The fun part is when you also get negative feedback from Christians who say your book is not Christian enough 😛

    • In the 43 reviews on Amazon for LILY’S REDEMPTION, I got one that floored me. A Christian said that my protagonist, Tom, was foolish for forgiving the former porn star (who had gotten saved and left the industry) enough to date her. Go figure.