“My Beliefs” . . . or “How Else Can I Tick Off the Guy in the White House?”

After the Supreme Court’s shocking ruling on DOMA and California’s “Proposition 8,” I’ve gone through the gamut of emotions. I suppose that I wasn’t particularly surprised by the Defense of Marriage ruling. However, the fact that they didn’t back Proposition 8 enraged me. After all, we are a democracy. Majority rules . . . doesn’t it? The majority in California voted to codify marriage as one man and one woman. The losers cried foul and ran to the courts (which seems to be par for the course when liberals don’t like a law and can’t get the majority to rule in their favor). The activist judges sided with them and . . . BAM . . . democracy dies. Already, the ruling in the Supreme Court has empowered other activist groups to move to overturn the will of the people.

As tomorrow is Independence Day, I figured that I would take some time to put my true views in black and white. Here we go:

ONE-I believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God and second Person in the Trinity. He was not merely a “good man” or a prophet. He was God in the flesh who came to earth to bear witness to the Truth (John 18:37) and paid the penalty for our sins.

TWO-I believe in life from conception (Jeremiah 1:5). As such, abortion–for ANY reason–is murder.

THREE-Homosexuality is a sin (Romans 1:26-27). Period. A denomination cannot argue otherwise without declaring some part of Scripture as void.

FOUR-I believe that gun control is, at best, foolish. At worst, it is downright wrong and is the first thing that all historical dictators did to solidify their control. Keep in mind that a criminal is a criminal because he breaks the law. The idea that making guns more difficult to get will cut down on crime is just wrong. The only people who will be affected are the law-abiding citizens.

FIVE-I believe that we are “One Nation, Under Yahweh.” I paraphrase that to show that our forefathers founded our country on Christian principles, whether they were all Christians or not. We are not following Allah. Therefore, our American courts should not be bound by Shariah Law.

SIX-I hate racism. I am always surprised by how much African Americans vote Democrat. It is the party that attempted to suppress the Civil Rights movement. It is the party that birthed the Ku Klux Klan.

SEVEN-I am NOT a racist because I voted against Obama. His skin color doesn’t bother me. The fact that he has attacked Christian ideals in nearly everything that he has done in his quest for “Change” is what bothers me.

That’s enough for now. Happy 4th of July, guys and gals.



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2 responses to ““My Beliefs” . . . or “How Else Can I Tick Off the Guy in the White House?”

  1. I like it. Just one thing. We are not a democracy, we are a representative republic and founded as such. Democracy will always lead to destruction and anarchy because democracy is lead by the majority. When those in the majority believe that Christianity is wrong and we should be killed, would you believe in democracy then? Just something to think about. PS. even Plato didn’t believe that democracy would work. Democracy always ends up in mob rule.

    • Fair enough. My concern is with the idea of something that was legally voted on by the people of a state being overturned by a few judges who don’t have to answer to the people. Granted, true democracy, as you have pointed out, doesn’t exist here. But, having a representative form of government, why are a few men and women–who aren’t elected by the people–able to make a judgment (or take the “coward’s way out,” as my friend posted on Facebook) about this legally voted upon law?