Review of TRUST, by Molly Evangeline

Well, the trilogy comes to an end. And, for the first time since I was in college, I feel a sense of melancholy.

I received a free copy of Trust a day or so after the posting of my review for the second book in the series. And it was a fitting end, I must say.


Molly didn’t go in the direction that I expected. I thought that she would resurrect Zirtan, like depictions of the Antichrist. She didn’t do that. In fact, Zirtan doesn’t appear at all. We get a new story that takes a minor villain from the second book and makes him the primary antagonist. We get a book where the heroes take the battle to the villains, unlike the previous two books. We see new heroes and we see how the faith of the existing heroes has worked to change some previous villains into heroes.

Well, the trilogy is finished. And I’m going to miss Makilien, Aeden, Sirion and their friends. But Molly Evangeline has many more stories to write. Maybe . . . someday . . . she’ll return to Dolennar.


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