First of all, I wanted to add a couple more links to pages that I visit regularly. I don’t necessarily visit these daily, either because they don’t update as freqently or they are blocked on my work computer.

Yesenia Vargas-hosts a weekly round-up of good publishing links from around the net. Every Monday (formerly Friday), I find several nuggets of info here.

Joel Friedlander is an expert on book layout and cover design. Check him out.

Next, I’ve decided to narrow the focus of my online presence. I’ve been maintaining this blog and another website. But that page was static and taking up space (and money), so I decided to move everything over here and focus more on the blog. It’ll take a week or so for me to get all of the pages up to make this my new online HQ. In the meantime, I’ve converted my other site to a landing page that just links to my blog. Hopefully, this will just make things easier for me.

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