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Pennie De Witt (shown here burning the last of her tarot cards), has honored me by writing my blog’s first ever guest post! Pennie and I have been talking about a novel that I am struggling with about a Ouija board and she graciously offered to write this article for me. As a former occultist, she understands more about this sort of thing than most of us. So, without further adieu:


I said, “Any evil spirits on this board, leave now.”

WHISH! The planchette flew out from under our fingers and into the upper right hand corner. “NO.”

Lisa let out a frightened squeak as the rest of us gasped.

Suddenly, the planchette slid hard and fast, again, with no one touching it, to the letter W. It continued: H – Y – D – I – D – Y – O – U – L – E – A – V – E – M – E

“Why did you leave me?” I asked, not sure how to answer the question or what Joni might have meant by it. Joni couldn’t have been an evil spirit. And there was no way Dennis could have been pushing the planchette. It was moving on its own.

What you have just read is a true story, an unedited excerpt from my memoir in-progress. That experience happened when I was twelve years old.

Twenty-six years later, my last professional house cleansing was an apartment which had become inhabited by a spirit that gained its access through – you guessed it – a Ouija Board.

After I finished the cleansing ritual with sage smoke, moon water, salt, candle flame, and the shamanic bean pod rattle my mother gave me (as much for effect as for function), I sat down to instruct the two young men. I told them they needed to take the board into the mountains and burn it.

“Really? You think the board itself is dangerous?”
“Yes, it’s a portal – ” I started to explain.
“But,” one of the men protested, laughing nervously, “it’s made by Parker Brothers.”
“Spirits can use almost anyone to create a doorway,” I said.
“Even someone who’s intention is to make a toy? I thought it was your intention that made the difference.”
“An unconscious agent is an effective agent,” I said, borrowing a line from beat writer William S. Burroughs’ “Naked Lunch.”
“What does that mean?” he asked.
“It means Parker Brothers has been used by real spirits, whether they know it or not.”
“But how -?”
“I don’t know. But you saw what happened to your dog.” They looked at each other and then at me. The grooves between their eyebrows ran deep. Their dog had been mysteriously injured in the “cold room” of the house where the spirit resided.

The poor dog looked like it had been scalped across its back.

They had heard the dog yelp in pain and when they ran to him, they found him bleeding, but they never did find a trace of the hair that was removed from the dog’s back. And this was only one of the violent ways this Ouija Board spirit tormented them.

They agreed they would heed my advice, although for some reason I doubted they would. They seemed as addicted as I had been.

Within a matter of months after that, I burned every Tarot card and every occult book I owned, got baptized and shut down my business as a psychic, healer, new age teacher and life coach.

Jesus snatched me from the fire, but not til after I’d insisted on playing in it long enough to get burned.

Getting out of the occult was not easy. Thank God He is the author of miracles.

Many things happened along the way that eventually led to my career in metaphysics, but nothing was more distinct or dramatic than the Ouija Board. I had thought I was communicating with a girl from school who had died.

Today I’m sure the spirit that spoke through that seemingly benign piece of cardboard was evil, dangerous and powerful. I spent many years believing and trusting in the spirits that entered my life that day, not to mention countless others that joined them over the years. They deceived me into believing they were benevolent spirits, even though there were signs along the way that they weren’t.

There was the night shortly after the Joni Parker incident, when a spirit penetrated my body and left me feeling like I was full of holes.

There was the involuntary astral travel.

There were the hauntings complete with stinky brown slime coming out of the walls and other impossible occurrences.

And besides many, many other such clues, there was the simple fact that I couldn’t get out.

No matter how I tried, no matter how much I grew to hate the world of psychic slavery that I was in, I could not get free. Even after my psychic “abilities” started waning and becoming less and less reliable. Still, the people kept coming back and as much as I wanted to say no, I said yes anyway.

For years I joked about “serving a karmic sentence,” for something horrible I thought I must have done in a previous life.

I always say that’s the acid test: Can you get out? You know it’s wrong when it makes you a slave and you find yourself in chains that you can’t remove no matter how you try.

But by then it’s too late.

By the time it was clear to me that I was a slave to evil spirits, they had almost complete control of my life.

I was always subject to the spirits that resided in me and around me. They were my bread and butter. They were my reason for living. My purpose.

I believed I was here on this earth to share their messages with others and that doing so was the highest service I could give to mankind, to what I believed at the time was God.

That was a false god.

That god will betray you. He will offer you all kinds of perks and promises to bait you, and he will even deliver on some of them, but once you’ve swallowed the hook of his lies, he will leave you dangling without a hope.

I found a hope that never fails. Thanks to Jesus and His grace, I am free now. No more chains.

He never tempts me with a snippet of truth only to lead me into darkness and blindness like the spirits that spoke to me through the Ouija board and other occult means.

The truth that He gives me is pure and full of love. It lifts the weight of the world off my shoulders and replaces it with the promise of eternal life.

I’m no longer concerned with the thoughts of the dead or of any other spirit of any kind, other than that of my Lord Jesus. I’m no longer concerned with the future, here or in the hereafter. Because His love I know I can depend on.

When you’re that free, nothing else matters.

I’m no longer driven to seek knowledge through divination. No more Ouija board for me. God’s word was right. Jesus is the only way.


You can follow her blog here. Thank you so much for stopping by, Pennie!


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  1. That is an excellent account of God’s intervention on your behalf, Pennie. God bless you and your family.