During an outing today, my stepchildren and I visited our favorite geek store. My intention was to look for a cool bumper sticker for my car, now that it’s finally running again. I didn’t find one, but we ended up striking up a conversation with Joe Harris, the creator of the comic book, “Great Pacific”. The comic is published through Image Comics, who really have the right idea of letting the authors keep all rights to their characters. While Breeanna got a copy of a Superman comic that she needed for her set, I bought the trade paperback of the first six issues of his series for both of them and he signed it for the both of them:
The language in the book is pretty rough. There’s no nudity, however. In fact, I didn’t even see a low-cut shirt on a female character in it, which is rare for a mainstream comic these days.

Also, considering my earlier post on success, I wanted to point out a similar discussion over at A.P. Fuchs’s blog. As with most of what he writes about publishing, he makes a great deal of sense.

And, finally for this post, A.P. Fuchs agreed to review a copy of Invasion of the Ninja. He went even further, in that he posted the opening of the review copy that I sent him on his “Canister X Mailbox”. I’ve always enjoyed watching these videos and am truly honored by this.


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